“It’s a very full life without the physical responsibilities of a house. There are so many things to do every week. It’s a very enriched kind of living.”

“It’s a real lesson in how to grow older and to be active and involved, it’s inspiring to me.”
-Janet Colby



“When I added up all my numbers - house cleaning, pool, gas, electric, Internet, security system, and 30 days of dinners - the difference was $20 per month.”

“I’m living in an environment with wonderful people at the same stage of life. There’s a sense of community here.
-Nicky Nichtern


“The residents really run the place. We have the final word through our elected representatives on what happens. It makes a huge difference; it's what makes Laurelmead the place it is.”
-Rosemary Colt



“There’s always activity, but you can always have your privacy. It’s the best place in America to live.”
-Gloria Winston