Cooperative Living at Laurelmead and our Staff


Cooperative Living at Laurelmead

When you buy an apartment at Laurelmead, you become a shareholder in the Laurelmead Cooperative. We are proud to offer such a unique model of gracious senior living.

Our identity as a cooperative ensures shareholder control and fiscal prudence. Unlike a for-profit national chain or a rental property, we are privately owned by our residents. Thus our resident Board of Directors guides all major decisions, with recommendation from resident committees. Read about financial benefits here.

Laurelmead is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members who are selected via annual resident elections.

Advice for management decision-making comes from six different resident committees:

  • Activities

  • Budget & Finance

  • Building & Grounds

  • Dining Services

  • Health & Fitness

  • Marketing

Resident participation on these committees is appreciated and encouraged.


Our Staff

Our staff and our residents have become a family during our two and a half decades of operation. We share a mutual bond of esteem and friendship, which is one of the reasons many on our staff have been at Laurelmead for over ten years.

Our management team works closely with all our resident committees to ensure that our operating funds are spent wisely.

The residents express their appreciation and fondness for the staff in so many ways. One way in particular is through contributions to the Laurelmead Employee Education Fund (LEEF). LEEF provides scholarships to employees and their dependents seeking a higher education. Award ceremonies take place every spring and, since 2006, over 150 scholarships have been granted. The staff returns the kindness each day by providing the highest quality service possible. When you tour Laurelmead, be sure to ask any of the resident you see about the staff!